Real estate involves weighing a lot of factors: location, price... smell? Some condo developers are betting that the best way to a buyer's heart is through the nose. The latest sales tools are signature scents designed to enhance a buyer's or renter's impression of a building.

Luxury developers today are taking the olfactory factor a step further, working with fragrance and scent companies to pinpoint the smell that will help sell their type of building.

(WSJ - 3/2014)

Using scent as part of a Property Marketing plan

  • Help retain tenants and increase the value of the property

  • Help support higher rent and increase rent role

  • Increase property value and property desire

  • It engages the olfactory sense of potential purchasers and differentiates a property.

  • Encouraged potential home buyers to stay longer in the house.

  • Feel more comfortable.

  • Easily picture themselves living in a house.

  • Have an impression of a fresh and inviting place.

  • Eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender can be used to treat malodorous and has antibacterial properties.

  • Citrus scents are uplifting fragrances, which can help ease anxiety.

  • Scent is an effective differentiation for property management.

For sellers and agents wanting to be more creative, this can also be a great opportunity to find a scent that directly plays off the homes surroundings. This can create a truly appealing ambiance that flows from the outside to the inside and all throughout the home.

Diffusing the right aroma can reinforce your brand identity, create the perfect ambiance for your clients, employees and guests, and differentiate your property from your competitors.


Scent247 systems will help you create the ultimate in Scent Ambience. The right aroma will add a new dimension to your customer care and employee productivity. Contact us today and we'll get your business smelling great in no time.

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